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To give you a glimpse into our success here are a few testimonials we have received. These are all true and have been sent by clients of Kelleher International. Join their success by requesting an appointment today.

Sarah 38, Fashion Model

"Kelleher took the time to listen to what I desired in a partner. They were focused in their search and didn't waste my time, which I really appreciated. I got married to a fabulous man at the Bel Air Hotel because of Amber and he was my one and only match!"
-- Sarah, 38, fashion model, Los Angeles


William 58 International Lawyer

"She is truly amazing. A 10+. Smart, funny, down to earth, adventurous, family oriented. We have the same values and last but not least, she is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see her again."
- William, 58, international lawyer, Beverly Hills


A. Brown Entreprebeur

"Thank you so much for introducing me to Jonathon – he is such a wonderful man and is totally my type! We are now attached at the hip and head over heels for each other. I would have never met him without your wonderful service. You've matched me with some great men, but this one won my heart. Please put my membership on hold, and we'll keep you posted on upcoming wedding bells!"
– A. Brown, entrepreneur, Marina del Rey, Calif.


Barbra 52 Consultant

"This darling incredibly successful man, whom I am proud to call my husband, could have easily been introduced to any fine woman in their roster, but instead, they chose to call me, even when I was no longer a member. I tell everyone I know who's single that they cannot pass the opportunity up to work with this fine organization. I am so grateful. It changed my life forever!"
- Barbara, 52, consultant, Bel Air, Calif.


Johnathan 46 Businessman

I just wanted you to know that I owe you big time! Ali is indeed drop-dead gorgeous and a very exciting and interesting woman. We have spent the last few days together and I am going back tomorrow for more! Who knows where things may go, but this certainly feels good. Now if I can just move Pasadena and Marina del Rey a little closer together... Thanks for making this happen.
- Jonathon, 46, businessman, Pasadena, Calif.


I am writing to share my personal experiences with the professional matchmaking service, Kelleher International, and specifically, Julia. 
In July of 2005, I found myself single again at 44, after a 13 year marriage. As I was director of a large Swiss investment firm, still fit and attractive, living in Beverly Hills, with all of the accoutrements of the success I had worked so hard for, I believed at the time I would relish the bachelor life style. In fact at the time, I had 122 employees who proved eager for the opportunity to set up "the boss," and a high profile position which allowed mixing with some of the most interesting people in Los Angeles. Soon I found myself cycling through three or four ladies a week, most of whom never saw a second date. I came to realize that what I really craved was not the variety but a serious relationship with one woman who I could respect, find interesting, and still be attracted to. My dating pattern soon morphed from being Mr. Variety, into seriously looking for the next Mrs. Right.
On a 12 hour flight back from Zurich, three years now into my bachelorhood adventure, I found myself contemplating the breakup of my third promising relationship within the last year. I started to think about the ramifications of not asking the right questions early enough in the relationship, and allowing myself to be trapped into a monogamous commitment prior to having these questions answered. A realization hit me that I could easily find myself starting from scratch, three years from now if I didn't learn from my mistakes. I had never found it difficult to meet women, but I found it impossible to meet the quality of woman who would demand my respect, and adoration, and potentially be my life long soul mate. I happened to see an advertisement of matchmaking services in the back of one of the men's adventure magazines I enjoy on long flights. It hit me, I hire business coaches, CPAs, attorneys, professionals of all kinds, but I have left what is most important to me for long term fulfillment and happiness to an amateur. I decided on the spot I would pay for a professional matchmaker when I returned to Los Angeles.
I was surprised by the large disparity of the services I interviewed. Most bragged about how hot and young their ladies were. Most never seemed to care about what I needed as much as they cared about my net worth and ability to pay their fees. I felt they were really just one notch away from escort services. I then had the pleasure of speaking with Julia from Kelleher International. I could not believe the difference in professionalism. She interviewed me for an hour over the phone then scheduled a meeting in my office that lasted another two hours. Prior to the meeting she requested that I supply pictures of my last girlfriends. We discussed prior relationships, what worked for me and what didn't. She asked detailed questions about my needs and priorities.
By the time she left, I really felt she had taken the time to understand me and who the woman might be who would be well suited for me. Over the course of four months, Julia introduced me to 6 wonderful women. All were educated, articulate, interesting, self motivated, and attractive. What I found more helpful than just the introductions, was the personalized coaching she gave me in the process. While I am an eternal optimist, and generally believe the best of people, that tendency has paid big dividends in my career, but caused reoccurring problems in my dating. I thought each and every woman she introduced me to, could be "the one." Julia didn't just walk away after the introduction, she played the intermediary, getting answers to the tough questions, and stopped my natural tendency to want to commit too early until I was sure. The result of her couching was that I did hold back, and dated a number of amazing women until I did find the woman who I believe will prove to be the life long soul mate for whom I have searched.
I found that Kelleher International is not a company that will excel at making the impossible happen. They, however, will save much time, aggravation, heartache and money in your quest to find that special person. I have already referred a number of my successful friends to Julia and would not hesitate to give the company a strong recommendation at any time in the future.
-Chris, 49, investment firm director, Beverly Hills

Hi Molly & Patty,
Hope all is well in the new year for you both. I promised an update with Elaine, so here it is ...
Simply expressed ... We have fallen in love ... I don't believe further words can adequately described what our mutual introduction has evolved into, but I'll try ... In a very short time period we have developed very special feelings for each other and although I would ordinarily be more reserved, our time & place feels very much pre-determined ... so although I feel like I am charting new territory I am cherishing every moment we're together and truly believe we have the mutual admiration, respect and vision for a special, lasting relationship ... I am hoping this dream becomes reality ... What else can I say but Thank you!!
-Tim, Real Estate Developer, NJ