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Amber Kelleher Andrews

Our elite LA matchmaking service helps find love for some of the city's most eligible singles, including actors, actresses, supermodels, professional athletes and executives. You might be asking, do people this attractive and desirable really need help finding love? The answer is YES! Busy, high-profile professionals often do not have the time to go through the traditional hassles of trying to meet someone, much less someone who meets their high standards. That's where Kelleher International comes in. Our Los Angeles matchmakers can change your life by introducing you to other impressive, compatible singles.

Here's how Kelleher International matchmaking works.

First, we meet with the client and discuss what they're looking for in a romantic partner as well as in life. We talk about their personal and professional goals as well as beliefs and values. Next, we set out to find deeply compatible men and women using a variety of resources, including our extensive matchmaking database. Before we present any matches to the client, we thoroughly check out each potential match to make sure they are upstanding and meet our rigorous standards. Then, we introduce the best and brightest of our matches to the client.

As a matchmaking agency that is well versed in working with well known clients, we know how important it is to keep everything confidential. We take great measures to protect the privacy of our clientele to ensure that our matchmaking process is as comfortable as possible.

We offer a variety of packages to suit our client's needs.

The right package for you depends on several factors, including what you're looking for in a partner and where you would like us to search. With offices on several continents, we can find eligible men and women virtually anywhere in the world. Contact us today to find out more about exactly how Kelleher International can work for you.